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Great Grandma Nettie and Me(Linda)

Nettie’s Fountain Pen

Ever since I can remember, Great Grandma Nettie has been a part of my life.

Nettie’s Fountain Pen has been compiled in her memory that her foresight, wisdom and spiritual devotion be shared with her descendants and all those who meander through each piece of art.


About the Book

In early times when life was much simpler, folks more friendly and the days passed by at a much slower pace, a wife and mother of four found solace in expressing her thoughts through pen and paper.  Sitting at her secretariat on the third floor flat above the family run saloon on Pine St in Burlington Wisconsin, Nettie Grace Greninger Strohm, took up her fountain pen and inked philosophical thoughts of the ideas in her mind.

With minimal education and no television or computers for gained knowledge, she relied on her experiences and her mind’s eye for which she penned piece after piece of poetic thoughts associated with:

  • her childhood on the farm
  • life with her family
  • the natural surroundings around her
  • her thoughts on worldly ways
  • the joy and beauty of the seasons
  • and her undying gratitude to the Lord, her God and Saviour.

Over the years a few of her writings she shared with family and friends for special occasions.  Upon her passing in 1976, her collection of over four hundred pieces of poetry, were passed down to, Linda Skiles, her great granddaughter.

Nettie’s Fountain Pen has been compiled so that, her foresight and inspiration can be enjoyed by all.  Punctuation and grammar are original.  The first release – “Homespun Philosophy”- contains over 200 pieces of the collection.  The other half  – “Another Days Writings” – will be released at a later date.

The following poem tells all of her love of writing beautiful poetry.

Our Trust in “God”


I love beautiful poems, that I shall ever keep-
That have meaning full thoughts, there oft to reap
Filling the heart and soul, in fervent love-
That comes straight from our Saviour, up above.

We need so much help, in all daily life-
To ward off all evil, from this earthly strife,
Minutes pass quickly, into hours, each day-
And there – in lies, a pause, for us to pray.

Prayers, are sorely needed, in this timely life-
Every hour as we meet with much more strife,
Each problem, calls for some different view-
That demands deep thinking, to folks we knew.

Each year, problems grow greater, than we bear-
Some find solace, in our favorite prayer,
We feel the nearness, of “God’s” gentle touch-
And, in our problems, “He” helps us so much.

Then, while we trust, our Lord, in all we do-
There’ll be no cause, for evil, we ever knew,
“He” knows our needs, and is always near-
So our trust in Him, never breeds fear.

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